Clojure Web Development For Production

Kit is a lightweight, modular framework for scalable web development in Clojure.

Developer Friendly

Start hacking immediately with the REPL and embedded development server

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • REPL driven development
  • Powerful code generation tools


Choose productivity and performance by leveraging Clojure on the JVM

  • Built on top of the JVM
  • Low overhead
  • Compiled for production


Kit is built for needs of scalable systems.

  • Easily scalable horizontally
  • Stateless web tier
  • Support for SQL, caching, scheduling, and more

Using Clojure tools, getting started is as easy as:

    $ clojure -Ttools install com.github.seancorfield/clj-new '{:git/tag "v1.2.404"}' :as clj-new
    $ clojure -Tclj-new create :template io.github.kit-clj :name yourname/guestbook

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