Application Profiles


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Running clojure -X:new :template io.github.kit-clj :name yourname/app will create an application using the default profile template. However, if you would like to attach further functionality to your template you can append profile hints for the extended functionality.

Default libs included with no profile specified:

  • kit-core
  • kit-undertow
  • kit-repl

Additional profiles:

  • +bare - Only includes the kit-core and kit-undertow libraries as the foundation
  • +xtdb - Adds the kit-xtdb lib
  • +hato - Adds the kit-hato lib
  • +metrics - Adds the kit-metrics lib
  • +nrepl - Adds the kit-nrepl lib, removes the kit-repl lib
  • +quartz - Adds the kit-quartz lib
  • +redis - Adds the kit-redis lib
  • +selmer - Adds the kit-selmer lib
  • +sql - Adds the kit-sql and kit-postgres libs
  • +full - Adds the libs kit-xtdb, kit-hato, kit-metrics, kit-quartz, kit-redis, kit-selmer, and kit-sql

To add a profile simply pass it as an argument after your application name, eg:

clojure -X:new :template io.github.kit-clj :name yourname/app :args '[+selmer]'

You can also mix multiple profiles when creating the application, eg:

clojure -X:new :template io.github.kit-clj :name yourname/app :args '[+selmer +xtdb]'


  • kit-core - basic utility functions used by some other libs
  • kit-xtdb - Simple binding to connect to a XTDB database node
  • kit-hato - HTTP client using hato
  • kit-metrics - Configurable metrics using iapetos
  • kit-nrepl - nREPL component
  • kit-quartz - Scheduler using cronut as an integrant binding for quartz. Exposes the cronut API, simply some extensions for aero and utilities
  • kit-redis - An extension of core.cache for Redis via carmine
  • kit-repl - Socket REPL integrant binding
  • kit-selmer - Templating configuration with selmer
  • kit-sql - Generic SQL integrant binding. Uses conman, next.jdbc, hugsql, and migratus directly, or implicitly. By default, imports kit-postgres lib which supports Postgresql
  • kit-postgres - lib with data bindings and utilities for working with Postgres
  • kit-undertow - Server binding via luminus-undertow